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In the planning phase, get an agreement from clients/organizers on what can be achieved in the given duration of a workshop. In case there are too many expectations, it's best to prioritise them with the client before the actual event. They can be involved in designing it. If the issues cannot be resolved before it starts, you can also discuss this with the participants during the event to find out their priorities and perspectives on how to deal with postponed objectives and what follow up is needed afterwards.

Time is our servant, we should not be slaves of time. Do not constantly use your watch to remind the participants how little time they have. By mentioning time too often you may create an artificial time pressure. Observe the group and their energy levels, including their concentration. Take a break if needed or use a more dynamic exercise which creates motivation and new energy to continue. Break into smaller discussion groups so that everybody feels involved. Take the necessary time for each step, be flexible, and when you notice one session is getting longer than expected, cut down the steps of another session and make it shorter. Ask participants to prioritise their own time by using a one or two dot question when they have to choose between alternatives. You can also ask: What do you agree with? What are the differences? What are possible alternatives?

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