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Curricula Development

Connected to training is the use of VIPP in planning and developing curricula. Usually, curricula development falls within the domain of experts who define, often in very rigid ways, what a whole cadre of teachers are to do with their time and how a whole generation of children will learn. Sometimes there is poor interaction and feedback between the experts and those who are interpreting and applying their expertise in the classroom. VIPP allows such interaction and feedback to take place. Curricula development experts can input their expertise through expert interviews, expert panels and visualised presentations or lectures, to provide the framework and standards.

However, the presence of teachers, administrators, psychologists and others in the planning workshop will enrich the input and assist in creating a more useful curriculum. There is often conflict over what should be taught, in which sequence, and how learning achievement should be measured. Once again, VIPP methods can be used to bring government officials, researchers, experts and members of civil society together to build consensus on these issues. This will help to avoid controversy and conflict between formal and non-formal systems.

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