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Business meetings

Experience has shown that business meetings are often boring affairs for most participants, often dominated by one or two individuals, including the chairperson, and may involve repetition, circularity, sidetracking and sideline discussions. These timewasters can be overcome by using VIPP methods to quickly visualise and prioritize, using a quick card collection to gather important issues, hold visualised discussions on them and vote, if necessary, on actions to be taken. Such joint decision making usually has more chance of actually being realized than simply giving orders, as long as responsibilities are clear. It has been shown that VIPP methods can save time in business meetings and can also be a democratizing force in institutional work, as long as they are applied correctly, not in a manipulative and imposing way.

What is VIPP?
How was VIPP developed?
How is VIPP used?
List of applications
Planning and revising projects and programmes
Communication materials development and storyline planning
Putting research into action
Community-level development work, including PRA/PLA
Training workshops
Training of facilitators and trainers
Curricula development
Running conferences and information markets
Management, human resource planning and team building
Business meetings
Getting started
Clients or organizers
Inaugurals and closings
Difficult participants
Diversity (gender, cultural, racial, socio-economic)
Inexperienced Co-facilitators
Documentation and Reporting

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