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Xaverian Scouts
History of Seventh George Town (North) Scout Group, 7GT(N), St Xavier's Instituion of Penang, Malaysia Scouting at SXI:
Eight decades of memorable history

Mr Sham Sui Kam established Seventh George Town (North) Scout Group at SXI in 1932. He was well known as one of the prominent pioneers of Scouting in Penang who had been involved in the Scout Movement since 1917. Over the decades that followed, the initials “7GT(N)” became well known throughout the School and the State.

Unfortunately, less than a decade after the founding of 7GT(N), Second World War broke out, bringing all Scouting activities to a sudden halt. However, The War did not curtail Xaverian Scouting for long. The Seventh was immediately revived after The War and by 1960 the rising number of Scouts led to the formation of First and Sixth George Towns (North) at SXI.

The three Xaverian Scout Troops were later merged into one in the early 1970s. The merged Troop retained the historic 7GT(N) identity. This ebook, which you are free to download using the links below, celebrates the history of all three troops as well as sister Troops at St Xavier’s Branch School, the Assumption School and (now closed) La Salle School.

Eighty years is a long time to chronicle. Thousands of Scouts had donned the uniforms of 7GT(N) and the other Xaverian Troops during these eight decades. This ebook is just the beginning of an attempt to record the history of the Troops and their Scouts. It is very likely that we did not record the important times when you were a Xaverian Scout. We invite you to help us make history complete by sending us a short story and photographs of your time as a Xaverian Scout. Please email your contributions to XaverianScouts@gmail.com

Please also email us if you spot errors in this ebook and if you have additional information or better photographs to add to these pages.

We plan to publish this ebook on paper in 2032 to celebrate The Centenary of Xaverian Scouts. Email us now to make sure you are part of these memorable 100 years!

Click on the section titles below to download PDF files of the ebook. The sizes of the files are notated next to the respective titles:

Communicating Peace: Entertaining Angels Unawares

Xaverian Scouts contents

Introduction Section
(PDF file size 3.11MB)
Preface: On my honour..... v
Promise and Law vii
B-P’s Last Message viii

Communicating Peace: Entertaining Angels Unawares Scouting At SXI Today Section
(PDF file size 2.70MB)

7th George Town (North) Troop Song 2
Scouting at SXI “Today” 3
Hosting the 78th Gathering and 12th Campfire in Penang 5
80th St Xavier’s Group Training Camp 2016 21
Communicating Peace: Entertaining Angels Unawares

Scouting Around The World Section
(PDF file size 1.01MB)
Scouting around the World 42
Who were the first Scouts? 44
“I have gone home” 49
Scouting Today 50
Scouting’s Centenary 2007 52
Historic milestones of Scouting around the World 54

Scouting around the World 54

Where The Rivers Meet The Sky: A Collaborative Approach to Participatory Development Xaverian Scouting History Section
(PDF file size 2.29MB)

The beginning of The Scouts in Penang 64
Memories of Coronation and Jubilee Camps 65
Scouting at SXI: Eight decades of memorable history 67
First George Town (North) 68
  • The early years of 1GT(N) 69
  • Sixth George Town (North) 71
    Seventh George Town (North) 72
  • Seventh George Town (North) Founder 74
  • Centenary Honours 75
  • History of Seventh GeorgeTown (North) 76
  • Khoo Heng San’s 30 years leading 7GT(N) 82
  • Happy times with the Venture and Boy Scouts 86
  • Reflections of a Scouter at 7GT(N) 87
  • We Salute Leaders of The Seventh 89
  • 9GT(N) of St Xavier’s Branch School 91
  • The Branch School in the 1960s and ‘70s 92
  • St. Xavier’s Branch School Cub Pack 1963-73 95
  • 13GT(S) of La Salle School 96
    25th Butterworth Group of Assumption School 97
    Understanding Micronesia: A Cultural Guide for Researchers and Visitors First Malaysia Jamboree
    (PDF file size 17.6MB)

    First Malaysia Jamboree 98
  • Memories of a very kind Jamboree Camp Chief 106
    Moving Targets: Mapping the Paths between Communication, Technology and Social Change in Communities Christian Brothers’ Schools Camporees
    (PDF file size 129 KB)

    Christian Brothers’ Schools Camporees 107
    Visualisation in Participatory Programmes: How to facilitate participatory group processes Xaverian Scouting Highlights
    (PDF file size 0.97 MB)

    Xaverian Scouting Highlights 109
  • Roll of Honour: Xaverian King Scouts and Pengakap Raja 110
  • Roll of Honour: State Councillors and Commissioners 112
  • Michael Wong Pow Nee: A most illustrious Xaverian 113
    Many Voices, One Vision: The Right to Communicate in Practice Xaverian Yarns: Where are they today?
    (PDF file size 488 KB)

    Where are they today? 128

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