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Technology Policy
and University-Industry Links

James Mullin


The watchword of economic policy in most countries today is "competitiveness". This paper addresses the central role of technology in the competitive behaviour of nations. It begins with an overview of the process of "internationalization" of the global economy with special attention to the changing attitudes of intercompany collaboration and to the complex evolution of "networks of innovators", including strategic alliances among enterprises and research laboratories. This overview is followed by a review of the evolution of "technology policies", mainly in the industrialized world--Europe, Japan and North America. Important in this scenario is the growth of inter-ministerial cooperation in Government to understand and respond to the complexity of technical change in the enterprise. Perspectives on the role of universities in "high technology" areas of microelectronics, informatics and biotechnology are conveyed. Finally the author draws out some pertinent policy questions relevant to the discussions on university-industry interaction with emphasis on the developing countries.


Technology Innovation and Commercialization Series

Promoting and strengthening the linkages between university-based research and the business community is a subject of strong current interest to researchers, industrialists, financiers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines.

This set of publications aim to clarify and elaborate the salient issues which confront all those who operate within this global science and technology arena.

Essential reading for managers of research, policy-makers and industrialists. Also ideal for participants in research management training.

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