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Social Mobilization and Social Marketing in Developing Communities:
Lessons for Communicators

Author: Neill McKee

Published in association with Silkworm Books
Southbound ISBN:
Silkworm Books ISBN: 978-616-215-030-2
Published: 1992
208 pages. 240mm x 160mm
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"This book provides the best synthesis to date of social marketing and social mobilization theory and practice in international development. To my knowledge, no other source provides such a comprehensive review backed-up by extremely useful bibliograp hies as well as project data from major development sectors--health, population, nutrition, AIDS prevention, etc. It is of broad interest to various categories of readers: aid agency officials, frontline communication/development planners and particularly academics seeking a "real-world" summary of experiences in specialized seminars and training programs."

John K. Mayo,
Learning Systems Institute,
Centre for International Studies, Florida State University.

"This book is the best discussion of social marketing in development
that I have seen."

Everett Rogers

"It is a landmark in development communication thinking."

The late James P. Grant,
former Executive Director, UNICEF

Contents of the book
I Definitions and Differences
  Chapter 1: An Overview
II Social Marketing and Social Mobilization: Major Programme Experiences
  Chapter 2: Marketing Tangible Products for Smaller Families and the Prevntion of AIDS
  Chapter 3: Social Mraketing Recipes and Behaviours for Better Child Health and Nutrition
  Chapter 4: Social Mobilization for Child Survival and Development
III A Synthesis of Lessons Learned
  Chapter 5: Lessons for Communicators
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