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Communicating Peace:
Entertaining Angels Unawares

Editor: Philip Lee, Editor, Media Development

ISBN-13: 978–983–9054–53–8
Published in association with WACC
Published November 2008
280 pages. 215mm x 140mm
Paperback: USD$25.00 per copy
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Communication rights and the ever more urgent need to construct a culture of peace are central to a vision of a world in which universal human values displace the accumulated weight of history’s tyrannies. Michael Traber, to whom this book is dedicated, believed that there is only one way of overcoming the political, economic, social, and cultural inequalities and violence that have marred and obstructed justice for all – and that is genuine communication. Building a culture of peace means building a culture of communication in solidarity with those whose freedom has been taken away, or seriously diminished, rendering them less than human.

Contributoring authors:
Clifford G. Christians, Philip Lee, Kaarle Nordenstreng, Francis B. Nyamnjoh, Liv Sovik, Slavko Splichal, Pradip N. Thomas, Michael Traber and Robert A. White

This book is dedicated
to Michael Traber
Contents of the book
I Introduction by Philip Lee

II The Media and Civil Society in Africa by Robert A. White

III The One-and-the-Many Problem in Communication Ethics by Clifford G. Christians

IV Cultivating Journalists for Peace by Kaarle Nordenstreng

V Publicity and the Public Sphere in the Internet Era by Slavko Splichal

VI Journalism in Africa: Modernity versus Africanity by Francis B. Nyamnjoh

VII Advertising against Racism: Reflections on Consumer Culture and Social Activism by Liv Sovik

VIII Making a Difference: The Right to Information Movement and Social Change by Pradip N. Thomas

IX Communicating Peace: The Pity (and the Absurdity) of War by Philip Lee


X The Holy Spirit and Communication (1990) by Michael Traber

XI Communication as a Human Need and Human Right (1992) by Michael Traber

XII Beyond Patriotism: Escaping the Ideological Prison (1995) by Michael Traber

XIII Towards the Democratisation of Public Communication: The Need to Reconsider the Criteria for News (1995) by Michael Traber

XIV Communication Transforming Conflict (1998) by Michael Traber

XV Communication is Inscribed in Human Nature: A Philosophical Enquiry into the Right to Communicate (1999) by Michael Traber

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