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Many Voices, One Vision
The Right to Communicate
in Practice

Edited by Philip Lee


What does the right to communicate mean to millions of people marginalised by the political and economic self-interests of the North?

How is concentration of media ownership threatening political activism and cultural diversity?
What needs to be done to tackle the causes of the digital divide?
How can the right to communicate guarantee equal access and participation in democratic decision-making?
Why is it important to place safeguards on who owns and generates information and knowledge?

These are some of the questions addressed by this book, which promotes the vision of "a new, more just and more efficient world information and communication order". Contributing authors include Cees Hamelink, Vasanth Kannabiran, Ritu Menon, Jan Servaes, Judith Vidal-Hall, and others.

Contents of the book

Introduction by Philip Lee

Chapter 1 : Grounding the human right to communicate by Cees J. Hamelink

Chapter 2 : The right to communicate: For whom? By Judith Vidal-Hall

Chapter 3 : Exclusion or inclusion: Linguistic human rights for linguistic minorities by Ulla Aikio-Puoskari and Tove Skutnabb-Kangas

Chapter 4 : The right to write: Gender-based censorship and the right to communicate in India by Ammu Joseph, Vasanth Kannabiran, Lalitha Kumari, Ritu Menon and Gouri Salvi

Chapter 5 : Malaysian women in the information society: Opportunities and challenges by Wang Lay Kim

Chapter 6 : Communicating truth in the midst of authoritarianism: Radio's potential for mediation in Latin America by Rolando Pérez

Chapter 7 : Human rights, participatory communication and cultural freedom by Jan Servaes

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