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Communications and Democracy
Ensuring Plurality

Editor: Brij Tankha

Publishers: Southbound, Videazimut and Cendit
Published in 1995
ISBN-10: 983-9054-13-9
ISBN-13: 978-983-9054-13-2
EAN: 9789839054132
216 pages, 14.0x21.4cm
Paperback: US$20.00


Technological developments in the field of communications have created situations which offer new and remarkable possibilities. Videazimut and Cendit brought together an international group of communications researchers, practitioners and policy-makers to review these developments. This book is a result of the meeting. It contains 19 contributions form around the world. The chapters are organized under three themes: Defining the Right to Information, Using the New Communication Techno logies, and Experiences and Possibilities.

The review found that the democratic potential of the new communication and information technologies can only be realized through increased awareness and participation. For many, these new gadgets appear as toys for the rich, and superfluous to the seriou s concerns of most developing societies. However, as the contributors argue, this view is myopic and short-sighted.

Contents of the book


A Note about Videazimut



Section I. Defining the Right to Information

Democratization of the Media: Liberty, Right or Privilege
Michel Senecal

International Institutions and Power in a Period of Recolonization
Manjunath Pendakur

The U.S. National Information Infrastructure: Implications for Global Democracy
Howard Frederick

The Emergence of an International Democratic Communications Project
Alain Ambrosi

Controlling Communication: Strategies for the Future
Enrico Giardino

Section II. The New Communication Technologies

The Nature, Roles and Policy Implications of Digital Utility Systems for Public Use
Bernard Woods

International Co-operation in Satellite Broadcasting
David Nostbakken

The New Communications Technologies and The Needs of Independent Producers
Luiz Fernando Santoro

The Advent of New Communication Technologies in Developing Countries: Some Aspects of Diffusion and Use
N. Kalyan Raman

Section III. Past Experiences and Future Directions

Notes for a Framework for the Analysis of Women, Media and Violence
Anna Leah Sarabia

Womens Relationship with Technology in the Media, some Reflections
Sabina Gadhihoke

Learning from Our Experiences: New Technologies in the Southern Context
Anura Goonasekera

The Communication Revolution: The New Invasion
Chris Lee

Learning from Our Experiences
Arvind Chittewale

Seeking To Reinterprest Education and open journey through video
Sharad Agarwal and Satyajit Sarkar

Video Farm
Ambiga Devy

The Possibilities of Audio-Visual Materials as Educational Tools
Maeda Miho

The Peoples Media Network, Japan
Masaki Toshiyuki and Nakamura Minoru

The Labour News Production
Choi Won Suk

Note on Contributors

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