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Visualisation in Participatory Programmes
How to Facilitate and Visualise Participatory Group Processes

Maria Angelica Salas, Hermann J. Tillmann, Neill McKee and Nuzhat Shahzadi.

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This manual has been written for the trained facilitator of group events. It is designed to reinforce concepts and techniques learned in training of facilitators and trainers in participatory group processes. VIPP is not wedded to a particular framework or academic discipline in problem solving, planning or training. Rather it is a set of tools that can be applied to just about any group process as long as the intention is to make such processes more participatory and democratic.

This is a manual for facilitators and trainers involved in:
Planning and revising projects and programmes
Communication materials development and story-line planning
Putting research into action
Community-level development work, including pra/pla
Training workshops
Training of facilitators and trainers
Curricula development
Running conferences and information markets
Management, human-resource planning and team building
Business meetings
Contents of the book
I The Roots and Philosophy of VIPP
  1. Introduction
  2. The Roots of VIPP
  3. The Philosophy of VIPP
II The Uses of VIPP
  4. Group Events and VIPP
III The People in the VIPP Process
  5. The Participants
  6. The Facilitator
IV The Basics of VIPP
  7. Materials and Equipment
  8. The Art and Craft of Visualisation and Presentation
  9. The 12 Steps of Design
V VIPP Methods
  10. Summary of VIPP Methods and Tools
  11. Games and Exercises
  12. Evaluation
VI VIPP in Practice
  13. Tips and Tricks
  14. Documentation and Reporting
  15. Community of Practice
VII Appendices
  1. Examples of application of VIPP, 1990-2005
  2. Developing life skills curricula in Eastern and Southern Africa 169
  3. VIPP materials requirement form
  4. Sample agreement with client
  5. Script for VIPP event
  6. VIPP methods and tools
  7. Facilitator’s self-assessment wheel
  8. Selected annotated bibliography
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