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Impact of Agriculture Policies
Experiences from Asian Countries
and Implications for Viet Nam

Editor, Randolph Barker


This book contains a series of essays by a group of scholars who have spent many years in agricultural policy analysis in various Asian market economies. Their purpose is to identify elements in the experience of neighbouring economie s that might have relevance for Viet Nam as she shifts from centralized planning toward market economy.

Contents of the book



Chapter One
Overview of Impact of Agriculture Policies: Experiences from Asian Countries and Implications for Vietnam
By Randolph Barker & Vernon W. Ruttan
A Strategy for Viet Nam
Environment for Policy Reform
Summary of Policy Experiences and Implications for Viet Nam

Chapter Two
Investment Priorities in Asian Agriculture
By Randolph Barker
Complementarily Between Agricultural and Industrial Development
The Role of the Government in Agricultural Development
Extracting a Surplus from Agriculture
Estimating the Appropriate Share of Investment for Agriculture
Changing Investment Priorities Within Agriculture
Infrastructure, Institutions, and the Role of Foreign Aid
The Public Sector and the Market Economy
Looking Ahead
Implications for Viet Nam

Chapter Three
Price Policy for Agricultural Products and Inputs: Asian Experiences and Issues for Viet Nam
By C. Peter Timmer
Comparative Experience with Price Policy
Analysis of Agricultural Price Policy in Asia
Elements of a Viet Namese Price Policy for the 1990s
An Opportunity for Change

Chapter Four
Research, Extension and Productivity in Asian Agriculture: Implications for Viet Nam
By Robert E. Evenson
Agricultural Research and Extension Systems in Asia
Planning and Priority Setting in Agricultural Research
Productivity and Returns to Research and Extension
Productivity Decomposition Studies- Illustrative Methods
Implications for Viet Nam

Chapter Five
Agricultural Credit Policy: Some Lessons for Viet Nam from the Philippines and Other Developing Countries
By V. Bruce J. Tolentino
The Keynesian Prescription
Financial Repression
Financial Repression and the Informal Financial Market
Government Intervention as a Solution
The Philippines' Experience with Supply-Led Finance
Financial Liberalization
Financial Liberalization in the Philippines: the Prospects
Foundations of an Efficient Agricultural Credit Systems
The Components of an Efficient Financial System
Implications for Viet Nam

Chapter Six
Public Policies Towards Agricultural Diversification in Thailand and Their Relevance to Viet Nam
By Ammar Siamwalla, Direk Patamasiriwat, and Suthad Setboonsarng
Rationale for Public Invervention to Promote Diversification
Pricing Policies
Research and Extension
The Pattern of Thai Agricultural Diversification
The Relevance of the Tahi Experience for Diversification of Viet Namese Agriculture

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