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Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2003/2004

Edited by Chin Saik Yoon

Published in association with Orbicom, PAN/IDRC, APDIP/UNDP
Published in 2003

ISBN-10: 983-9054-25-2
ISBN-13: 978-983-9054-25-5
EAN: 9789839054255
328 pages 21 X 29.5 cm
Paperback US$100


The publication reviews how information and communication technologies (ICTs) are being deployed across the Asia Pacific to support socioeconomic development of countries and territories in the region. It focuses on nine important areas:

• Local online content
• Online services
• Industries
• Key national initiatives
• Enabling policies
• Regulatory environment
• Open source movement
• Research and development
• Trends

The 2003/2004 edition covers 27 economies and includes a special chapter on the Pacific Islands.

Click on the following link to access a companion website for this edition
Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2003/2004

Parts of the publication are available for free download at

Contents of the book

Riding the waves of change: Transforming the digital divide into digital opportunities by Shahid Akhtar, Claude-Yves Charron, Maria Ng Lee Hoon

Asia-Pacific ICTs: An overview of diversity by Chin Saik Yoon

.af Afghanistan by Muhammad Aimal Marjan

.au Australia by Lelia Green

.bd Bangladesh by Samudra E. Haque

.bn Brunei by Yong Chee Tuan

.bt Bhutan by Gopi Pradhan

.cn China by Huixin Ke

.hk Hong Kong by Pindar Wong

.id Indonesia by Onno Purbo

.in India by Madanmohan Rao

.jp Japan by Izumi Aizu

.kh Cambodia by Norbert Klein

.kr South Korea by Jong-Sung Hwang

.la Laos by Phonpasit Phissamay

.lk Sri Lanka by Nalaka Gunawardene and Chanuka Wattegama

.mm Myanmar by Pyone Maung-Maung

.mn Mongolia by Narantsetseg Baljin

.mo Macau by Pindar Wong

.my Malaysia by Zaharom Nain

.np Nepal by Basanta Shrestha and Sushil Pandey

.nz New Zealand by Danny Butt

.ph Philippines by Emmanuel Lallana

.pk Pakistan by Jamshed Masood

.sg Singapore by Goh Seow Hiong

.th Thailand by Hugh Thaweesak Koanantakool

.tp Timor-Leste by Abdullah Zainol Abidin

.tw Taiwan by Ching-Yi Liu

.vn Vietnam by Nguyen Trung Quynh

Pacific Islands by Robert L. Guild

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