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Communicating Climate Justice
New book by Philip Lee & Lorenzo Vargas
Communicating Climate Justice The climate emergency is the most urgent existential challenge of our times. Climate justice – fair and equitable actions in response to climate change and its impacts – can only be achieved via communication justice – enabling everyone to speak their minds, express their opinions, and be heard in public. A people-centred approach to communicating climate change focuses on how to promote resilience and preparedness by sharing information and knowledge at all levels, especially by ensuring that the information provided comes from local and credible sources. Climate justice depends on communication justice! Click here for more.
Expanding Shrinking Communication Spaces
Companion volume by Philip Lee & Lorenzo Vargas
Expanding Shrinking Communication Spaces All human and social activity depends on communication. No matter the issue – poverty, conflict resolution, self-determination, migration, health, land, housing, the climate crisis – little can be done without effective communication. Since communication clearly underpins genuinely sustainable development and requires equitable access to information and knowledge, to information and communication technologies, as well as plurality and diversity in the media, this book identifies the missing UN Sustainable Development Goal 18: Communication for All, whose purpose is to expand and strengthen public civic spaces through equitable and affordable access to communication technologies and platforms, media pluralism, and media diversity. Click here for more.
Southbound participated in the George Town Literary Festival
and launched this book during an inaugural event of the Festival.
The Xaverian Journey
The Story of a Lasallian School
in Penang, Malaysia

by Francis K W Loh, PhD; Cecilia Ng, PhD and Anthony Rogers, FSC


This richly illustrated, hardcover monograph chronicles the founding, growth and progress of a Lasallian school in Penang. Using St. Xavier’s Institution and Penang as their regional base, the La Salle Brothers spread and founded schools throughout the Malayan Peninsula and across East Asia. C-Square, a print and web design agency founded by a Xaverian, is the graphic studio which provided the creative work on this book.  

For more information about the book and how to obtain a copy email:

A website dedicated to the book was launched on the 2020 Feast Day of St Francis Xavier; click here to access the blog



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