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Book Cover (14k)   Information Society or Knowledge Societies? Unesco in the Smart State

Edited by Rhonda Breit and Jan Servaes
Published in association with WACC
ISBN 983-9054-43-0.
1168 pages. 14 cm X 21.5 cm. Bibliography is provided.
Paperback US$18
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The chapters in this volume canvasses the dialogue emerging from discussions about the WSIS Statement of Principles and Plan of Action in the context of local, national and international communication policies. It also offers some insights to WSIS participants, which may be helpful when it comes to evaluating the process in Tunis and beyond. The various authors discuss the WSIS Statement of Principles and Plan of Action from multiple perspectives, offering insights into the key challenges facing the process and offering alternative frameworks for the management of communication rights.

Contents of the book:

Introduction: Background and issues for whom and for what? by Rhonda Breit & Jan Servaes

UNESCO and the World Summit on the Information Society: From Geneva to Tunis and beyond by Abdul Waheed Khan

Smoke and mirrors: A commentary on prospects for success for the WSIS process and the role of the Smart State by Beris Gwynne

Making Sense of UNESCO: Reflections on its significance for Australia and internationally by Tom O’Regan

Indigenous communication frameworks: A Smart State response by Christine Morris & Michael Meadows

From remote "outback" beginnings to cultural export phenomenon: A case study of finance and the internationalization of Indigenous Australian visual art by Mark David Ryan, Michael Keane & Stuart Cunningham

The information society: The University of Queensland Cybrary is thinking globally and acting locally by Justine Cawley & Anne Horn

Wisdom, values and creativity in a knowledge society by David Rooney

Pancapitalism: Digital civilization and empires by Majid Tehranian

By way of conclusion: Where to go from here? by Jan Servaes & Rhonda Breits

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