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DevCom is indeed a
many-splendored thing

Seated from left to right: Nora Cruz Quebral, Felix Librero,
Louie Tabing, Crispin Maslog and Flor Braid.

Participants at the third national conference of the Consortium of Development Communication Educators and Practitioners in the Philippines (CDCEPP) were swept off their feet by two pioneering communicators who broke into song during the Emeritus Roundtable Discussion that wrapped up two full days of paper presentations. Dr Flor Braid and Dr Crispin Maslog sang “Love is a many-splendored thing” from the 1955 movie by the same name. The Roundtable had reflected on the many achievements in the discipline following the conceptualization of the core tenets of development communication by Nora Cruz Quebral in 1971, who was also at the Roundtable. The others who took part were Dr Felix Librero and Mr Louie Tabing. Given the many successes of the discipline over the past 42 years, the lyrics of the song could very well have been adapted for the occasion to say “DevCom is a many-splendored thing”. The conference was held at the College of Development Communication, University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) from 5—7 December 2013.

The conference participants responding to the singing of
"Love is a many-splendored thing" during the Emeritus Roundtable.

CDCEPP President, Dr Pamela Custodio, remarked in her message to conference participants that the discipline had made good progress since its inception. Twenty-two state universities and private colleges in the Philippines now offer a development communication programme. She went on to note that the holding of the third national conference in Los Baños – the birth-place of the discipline – was particularly apt.

CDCEPP President, Dr Pamela Custodio chairing a plenary session..

Prof Theresa Velasco, Dean, College of Development Communication, UPLB, in her keynote that opened the conference said that the College’s hosting of the conference helped to mark the 15th anniversary of the discipline being accorded the full and highest organizational status in UPLB. The Dean devoted her keynote to sharing with the participants the significantly revised curriculum for the discipline at UPLB. The new curriculum will now see the College aiming to train students who are generalists, rather than the specialists who were trained in the past. This major change followed analysis of extensive feedback from employers, who expect development communicators “to be able to do everything” rather than specialization in just one of the media forms. Prof Velasco also told the conference that the new thrust will aim to enhance the theoretical foundations of graduate students. The College will restart theory-building to consolidate and synthesize four decades of practice.

The theme for the conference was “Innovations in DevCom Education and Research”. The six parallel sessions focused on specific sub-themes which included the following:

Multidisciplinartity in DevCom
Twists and turns of DevCom education and research
Outcomes of communication and media use
Curricular innovations
Learning, knowledge-sharing and technology

The conference agenda also included a half-day of concurrent sessions that saw three seminars aimed at updating participants on the state-of-art of aspects of the discipline. The seminars were focused on:

Writing journal papers
Science communications
Communication theory and research methodologies

Eight professors from the typhoon ravaged areas were able to attend the conference. Dr Rotacio Gravoso, CDCEPP Vice-President for Visayas, from storm-affected Visayas State University announced in the closing session that the next conference of the Consortium will be hosted by his University. Dr Gravoso shared a message from the President of his University calling for contributions to a scholarship fund to help students affected by the typhoon to continue their studies and complete their degree work in the university. Click on this link to find out how you can help.

Sombath Sompone

Sombath Somphone was elected to receive the 2005 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership in recognition of his efforts to promote sustainable development in Laos by training and motivating young Laotians. See this link for his citation.

He has now been missing for more than a year. Sombath was last seen in a surveillance video heading home in his car on 15 December 2012. See this website for the latest news about his disappearance.

Our house and many of our authors have been inspired by Sombath’s work in participatory development and learnt from his wisdom in the field. We share the concern of our colleagues and friends around the world for Sombath Somphone’s well-being.

VIPP Summit and Advanced, Creativity Workshop

Visualisation in Participatory Programmes (VIPP) is a methodology for conducting group events which puts people at the centre of the process of solving problems, developing collaborative skills or arriving at collective plans and programme designs with vision, creativity and sustainability.

The Summit will be held at the St. Ulrich Monastery, Black Forest, Germany from 20—22 June 2014. This event will see the gathering of VIPP facilitators and trainers from all over the world.

The Summit will be followed by the Advanced, Creativity Workshop from 23—27 June 2014 to be held at the same venue as the Summit.

For more information about the VIPP Summit click here to download detailed information about the event.
For more information about the Advanced, Creativity Workshop click here to download detailed information about the event.
The registration form for the Advanced Creative Training of Facilitators can be downloaded here.
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